Neurological Cognitive Day Treatment Program

Neurocognitive Day Treatment Program is a day-time initiative that combines the services of various professionals and those who provide professional assistance. The goal is to provide creative individual or group therapy in a forum that focuses on improvement in executive function, memory impairment, and independent ambulation with special avenues for motivation and interactive activity programming. This is a popular, effective approach for those with traumatic brain injury, stroke sufferers, and others.

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We use interactive activities to supplement our clients’ overall cognitive abilities following an initial cognitive assessment completed by the Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. Here, a client is doing a visual recall activity using a supplemental cognitive application on a tablet. A rehab technician assists with navigation to help the client complete the memory task.

Game-based activities help facilitate social/cognitive communication skills such as turn-taking, initiation, recall, attention, and problem-solving. These activities provide an engaging environment promoting social interactivity.

This is a day-time initiative guided by both rehabilitative and mental health professionals. It has as its primary aim assisting those with traumatic brain injuries to return to a sense of self-reliance, without being a total victim to their injuries. It combines modalities to achieve memory improvement, confidence building, physical agility, team building and executive function.

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