Medical Needs Transportation

Not every service received by a catastrophically injured or medically fragile person can be delivered in the home. For this reason, a reliable transport service is needed. This may be to transport patients to outpatient rehabilitation, specialty medical appointments or other services that meet the definition of medical necessity. Care First Rehabilitation provides this reimbursed service.

Transportation can be a science in and of itself. For example, some face serious ambulation problems, but can stand. When this is the case, we may use wheelchair equipped vehicles, while still allowing a passenger to step out of a vehicle upright with assistance. This is a cognitively inspired process that ensures safety while promotion self-worth.

Wheelchair lift equipped vehicles allow for the promotion of safety, while ensuring that those who use special appliances to get around are not isolated via a lack of movement. Our not having to rely upon outside vendors gives our transportation a real edge in patient familiarity, convenience and reliability

Transportation is an integral part of getting better. Medical and rehabilitative appointments cannot be ignored. Our team ensures a safe, reliable approach to this need.

Specializing in auto accident rehabilitation. Serving people with brain and spinal cord injuries.