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Welcome to Care First

About Care First Rehabilitation

Care First understands we cannot be all things to everyone. However, we have developed a mission that allows us to constantly expand our clinical and rehabilitative strategies. As a result, we use as many tools as possible to assist with physical/cognitive functionality and self-worth. This is of the utmost importance after a catastrophic injury, and it also applies to those recovering from serious illness and other injuries.

With CMS certification pending as a CORF, (Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitative Facility), Care First excitedly looks to expand services to every corner of our community.

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Residential Rehabilitation

Residential Rehabilitation is 24/7 in-residence care and supervision. It combines crucial rehabilitative elements with nutritional, medication, behavioral and activity planning oversight while servicing the person in a facility and not their private homes. In our residential rehabilitation environment, we have an objective to restore dignity where needed and to offer an atmosphere of personal and emotional security.

Skilled Rehabilitation

Skilled rehabilitation refers to the services of qualified, licensed and/or certified professionals who provide:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy (coming soon)

The goal is to assist in restoring as much independent function as possible. Every diagnosis and patient condition are different. For this reason, we cannot predetermine the duration of each therapeutic regimen. However, the goal is always to maximize independence immediately upon service commencement.

Neurological Cognitive Day Treatment Program

This is a day-time initiative that combines the services of various professionals and those who provide professional assistance. The goal is to provide creative individual or group therapy in a forum that focuses on improvement in executive function, memory impairment, and independent ambulation with special avenues for motivation and interactive activity programming. This is a popular, effective approach for those with traumatic brain injury, stroke sufferers, and others.

Vocational Rehabilitation​

Sometimes a person needs help to return to their former skilled self. Vocational rehabilitation is a process which enables people with functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, and/or emotional disabilities or impairments to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment. In many cases, vocational rehabilitation imparts new skills that can help a catastrophically injured person to enter a new level of productivity.

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Why Care First Rehabilitation?

Personalized Treatment

Personalized means from assessment to Treatment Plan execution, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach. We use both current need and historical data to chart a course to effectively assist the patient in every way - with a focus on YOU.

Licensed Therapists

Our therapists hold state licenses and their assistance hold required certifications. This not only demonstrates our commitment to regulatory compliance, but ensures we have tested and academically prepared personnel to push for the best outcomes.

Experienced Team

Our combined years of experience span more than 100. During this time our team has treated nearly every possible injury. This gives you the confidence to know you will benefit from a hands-on history that is the best qualifier in care delivery.

Comfortable Clinic

Our bright environment is not accidental. The goal is to create an environment that promotes positive thinking and meaningful interactions.

Practitioners Network

We subscribe to the belief that we cannot be an island onto ourselves. Our work includes meaningful interactions with various specialty physicians and hospital corporations for one purpose: Maximizing the effectiveness we offer in care delivery and consultation for those we agree to serve.

Therapy Goals

While complex in scope, its simple in definition: Our therapy goals start with a commitment to restoration of independent function. Then we progress to how we can help someone develop new coping and existence skills that can be of value long after formal therapy has ended.

Specializing in auto accident rehabilitation. Serving people with brain and spinal cord injuries.